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MAC EML to Gmail Importer

A user-friendly software to simplify import process from EML to Gmail.

  • Import EML from Gmail with just a few clicks.
  • Allow to export only selective EML files to Gmail.
  • Import data in bulk to perform conversion with speed.
  • Potential to import EML files into selected Gmail profile.
  • Support all the available versions of Mac OS X 10.6, 10.10 and 10.11.

Why Choose EML to Gmail Importer for Mac?

EML to Gmail Importer is a straight forward application. It is a user-friendly app to monitor on any Mac platform. The tool supports EML file format of any size to export safely to Gmail. Operating and configuring the app will not take time. Users can independently operate the app.

Prime Key Features of EML to Gmail Importer

Import EML to Gmail Only

The importer has capacity to import EML files of any size to Gmail. Whether you have created EML databases in Apple Mail, WLM or any email client, the tool reads the EML file to convert data safely.

Export Data in Bulk

If there are many EML files that you want to access to your Gmail account. The software supports bulk migration to import more than one EML files at the same time. It imports EML databases in bulk by retaining original properties.

Convert Selective Files Only

You have the flexibility to select one or more files together to convert. There is one more advantage that the tool offers its users. They can convert only those EML files that you want. Only selective EML files are exported safely.

Import with Top Accuracy

Keep the worry for data conversion behind. The software has capacity to retain original structure. It doesn�t alter the accuracy of EML files. All emails and meta properties are exported without any alteration. It causes no error.

A Simple Application

The MAC program has been developed for those users who are looking for smooth and fast migration without any hassle. It has a few simple steps to follow for conversion. Follow them step by step to migrate data.

Unlimited Import Support

Once you have the license of the app, it is your property. You can use it for unlimited period. It doesn�t restrict you to export multiple EML files. This is an advanced version of EML to Gmail Importer for Mac.

Why Switch from EML to Gmail?

Gmail is an easy to handle application that can be easily accessed anytime on any device with a good internet connectivity. With Gmail, you have a huge storage space by which you can store a large number of email messages to your account. It is an affordable application with zero maintenance cost. With EML file import, you can access your EML files anywhere.


Shareware Awards

Mac EML to Gmail Importer won the Shareware industry award in the best software category. It is a full packaged tool.


Yes, it imports to desired Gmail account, but you should know the right password and username of the account.

Yes, it allows you to create a new folder to save the transferred data.

It supports both directory mode and file mode.


Our enterprise wants the support of EML to Gmail migration which has now fulfilled. Your app makes conversion from EML to Gmail quite easy. Our technical team is competent with its performance.


Feeling excited to share that I have exported more than 100 EML files to Gmail using your app. It works with full accuracy. Now, I am going to use the app without any error


I found EML to Gmail Importer for Mac is the best tool to import infinite EML files into Gmail account. I didn�t find the whole export process tough and the entire task was smoothly going with this tool.


After testing many software, I came across this tool for import of thousands of EML files into Gmail profile without losing a single bit of data. The software is fully automatic, only you have to do some selections in the entire process.


Being a non-technical user, I performed the whole import process without facing any issues. I greatly praised the work done by the developers on this tool that is reflected in operating this software. Great work done by the team.

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