MAC EML to Hotmail Importer

A straight and simple app to export EML data in bulk to Hotmail

  • Convert EML to Hotmail effortlessly & with top accuracy.
  • Retain EML file structure by transferring all emails and their properties.
  • Import EML files of all sizes.
  • Import data in batch to save your time.
  • Advanced file filter feature.
  • Give proper control over data export process.
  • A lightweight program to run on Mac OS X 11, 10.10, 10.9 and other lower versions.

Why Choose EML to Hotmail Importer for Mac?

EML to Hotmail importer for Mac is one of the most outstanding tools we are offering you. You can access Apple Mail, WLM, and multiple email clients' databases to your Hotmail account with just a few simple clicks. Your important emails will be always with you. You can access them on your portable device from anywhere and anytime.

Key Advantages to Import EML to Hotmail

An Advanced EML to Hotmail Tool

This is an advanced EML to Hotmail program for Mac users. The utility scans and uploads EML files of any size to transfer to Hotmail. Whether you have created EML files in Apple Mail, Thunderbird or any other platform, the utility scans and export data.

Import Multiple EML Files at One Go

When it comes to exporting several EML files to Hotmail, it is time-consuming and hectic. One of the best ways is to choose the program for bulk conversion. It allows you to export multiple EML files to Hotmail at once and saves your quality time.

Import Only Filtered EML Files

Every time, when you use the app for the import process, you will satisfy with the results. The software exports only filtered EML files. The advanced filtration button allows you to select one EML file at a time or select a directory holding multiple EML files.

Transfer to Specified Hotmail Account

The utility enables you to export EML databases to a particular Hotmail account. For this, you will have to provide the correct password and username of a Hotmail account. The software itself establishes a connection with the particular account.

Retain Quality of Files

The file quality is retained. Every time, it exports data with full accuracy. It imports all properties of emails including CC, BCC, To, From and Attachments in a new folder. You can rely on the program for accurate results.

Simple to Operate

EML to Hotmail importer is too simple to operate. The lightweight program is easy to configure and install. It lets you follow step by step conversion with no error. Users can trust the app for its performance.

Why Move EML to Hotmail?

EML to Hotmail has several advantages. Hotmail is a server-based email management tool that doesn't restrict you to open your important emails from any device. If your EML files hold important emails, you can access them from anywhere and anytime.


Shareware Awards

Mac EML to Hotmail Importer won the Shareware industry award in the best software category. It is a full packaged tool.


The software supports all file sizes.

It has been designed for conversion instead of data repairing.

No, you should have a correct password of the following Hotmail account.


This is the same software I was looking for a long time. It has made the import process so fast and easy for me. I am happy and contained by its performance.


A robust application with a simple appearance.


When our team leader assigned me to import EML files into Hotmail account. I was so worried how I would perform the task but when I searched on the internet, I got EML to Hotmail Importer tool suggested by various professionals and all my task completed with it in assigned time period.


I have found EML to Hotmail Importer for Mac the best one due to its batch conversion facility that helped me to move huge amount of EML database into Hotmail account. I want to say it is the perfect utility for both commercial and corporate users.


I was using Hotmail account but I got some EML files from my client whom I want to import to Hotmail account. For this, I used your software and got instantly imported these files into Hotmail profile.

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